If you want to have your product reviewed by The Pet Engineer, please send it to:


3008 Caminito Arenoso, San Diego, CA 92117


My name is Micio

Benefits of having your product or service reviewed by us

1You will have a FREE written review posted on our website, blog, and more than 54 places we publish our shows. We will also Tweet and Facebook our reviews.

2Whenever possible, The Pet Engineer staff will make a FREE video about your products and place it on our website, blog and other video directories we use to place our videos. Certain conditions may apply.

3Your product will be judged by real pets or pet owners.

4Our reviews will be also available in RSS Feeds well to increase your exposure.

5You will be able to use our reviews to your clients and increase your brand awareness and credibility.

6Without reviews, you keep selling the product and risk costly returns and low customer satisfaction.

How do we rate pet products?

The Pet Engineer product reviews include a rating system to express our overall opinion of a product. We will just post products that are rated as 5 paws print.

  • 5 paws = Outstanding product - POSTED
  • 4 paws = Excellent product - NOT POSTED
  • 3 paws = Good product - NOT POSTED
  • 2 paws = Fair product - NOT POSTED
  • 1 paw = Poor product - NOT POSTED

"Our pets health and their well-being are the most important thing to me, and I won't review any products that are not safe for pets."

The Pet Engineer is happy to review pet products for FREE as long as they meet the following criteria:

1Our pets health and their well-being are of the most important thing to us. The Pet Engineer won't review any products that are not safe for pets. They must have total disclosure.

2The products must be a pet related product for dogs or cats. Products for other types of pets may be considered.

3Products for review must be provided to The Pet Engineer free of charges including any shipping.

4We will not review products that are required to be returned.

5The Pet Engineer has the right to decline any review and will be kept private.

6We are not liable for any product damages.

7We will not review any products that require veterinarian prescription

Review Publishing Time: Because quality assurance and control come first to The Pet Engineer crew, we may take time to review your product. The review period time may vary depending on the type of product. Each one be posted in a timely fashion.

Giveaways: The Pet Engineer accepts giveaways of products we are reviewing. Giveaways must be available to readers free of charge, including free shipping. The reader shipping information will be provided to you and MUST be used for the purpose of sending the product. It CANNOT be sold or used for any other purpose other than giveaway.

Sponsorship: The Pet Engineer staff accepts sponsorship of products we are reviewing. Your products may be available to help shelters, pet adoption centers, or causes. They must be free of any charges including shipping. It CANNOT be sold or used for any other purpose other than sponsorship.

Please contact giana@thepetengineer.com, if you are interested in sponsoring or giveaway your products.

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