The Judges


We pamper them. We bring them wherever we go. We surprise them with something new on special occasions. They even get holiday presents. They are our pets!

The pet industry is forecasted to be a 61 billion dollar industry this year. With thousands of new pet products, pet owners may get lost with so many options. That's why we, The Pet Engineer staff decided to review pet products and provide pet owners with real life use.

There are so many good pet products out there, and by bridging the public to the pet industry our pets can benefit from it.

Categories we review:

Food, Clothes, Leashes & Collars, Grooming Products, Supplements, Toys, Accessories, Cleaning Products, Gifts & Specialty, and Books.

How do we rate pet products?

The Pet Engineer product reviews include a rating system to express our overall opinion of a product. We will just post products that are rated as 5 paws print.

  • 5 paws = Outstanding product - POSTED
  • 4 paws = Excellent product - NOT POSTED
  • 3 paws = Good product - NOT POSTED
  • 2 paws = Fair product - NOT POSTED
  • 1 paw = Poor product - NOT POSTED

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