The Comfort of Cats give people relief and refuge. Having them around would give you a happier life and a happier life would be your ticket to a better self- in and out... a longer life ahead of you.

Below are my reviews on cat products. Some of them are for both cats and dogs.





Cat-Man-Doo treats - Special cat treats

I've reviewed the Cat-Man-Doo dried Bonito Flakes and Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken. I picked Crystal, my finicky cat to try these treats. To my surprise, she ate them!

She sniffed the Bonito Flakes a lot and then she ate it. These flakes are high in protein and low in calories with a minimal fat content. Crystal didn't have any problems eating the Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken. It's made of chicken white breast meat and they don't use any chemicals additives or preservatives to dry the chicken breast.

Cat-Man-Doo is a family owned and operated business and their products are being well reviewed by humans and cats.

Cat-Man-Doo products got my 5 PAWS.


Cloud 9

I got few samples of Cloud 9 cat treats. The company claims the following: “Don’t blame us if your cat can’t get enough Cloud 9, simply the most delicious cat treat ever. With its unique shape, whimsical flavors and serious cat-titude, cats just can’t keep their paws off Cloud 9!

It’s so true!! My cats went crazy for these treats. Cloud 9 has created a unique, protein-based cat treat using only quality ingredients. It’s a healthier alternative to other popular treats.

So your cat gets more of the stuff they love… and more of what their bodies need! Whey protein is the natural protein found in milk and is quickly and easily digested. In fact, Cloud 9's double protein punch gets top marks for its biological value, meaning your cat can absorb and use more of it in their bodies.

Cloud 9 got my 5 Paws!

cloud 9

Dave's canned cat food
dog claw

I received 14 Dave’s canned cat food to review. I went to his website and it says: “Dave’s Naturally Healthy™ Grain Free Canned Cat Food is the best value for a good quality Grain-Free canned cat food you can buy.”

Well, my cats loved every one of them! Now that the samples are gone, it will be hard to give their old food. The benefits of Dave’s canned food are many including being grain free which is much less caloric than the other regular cat food. The protein content is also high. It’s also priced right.

Dave’s canned cat food got my 5 Paws.

Dave's pet food

Petit Cuisine - The best cat food

I received a case of Petit Cuisine cat food to review. I opened the case, I opened a box, I opened the can and fed one of my cats. Crystal went nuts for the food. I thought: "Maybe it is the flavor or maybe she is hungry". I fed my two other cats, and they also went nuts for it.

After trying Petite Cuisine cat food, my cats don't want any other wet food. It's amazing!

I researched the company and food ingredients. Each package has one can of each flavor: Tuna & Swordfish, Tuna, Salmon & Egg Whites, and Salmon & Whitefish. Each appetizer is natural, clear, and free of GMO and Grain.

I have tried many other cat food brands, but Petit Cuisine is the WINNER! I hope to continue receiving samples from them. My cats will be grateful for the rest of their lives!

Petit Cuisine got my 5 PAWS!

Petit Cuisine


AvidLife - Support For Pets With Chronic Conditions

AvidLife sent me 3 products for my reviews as follow.
AvidLife OS - Designed to promote overall eye health & clarity, and provides moisture for dry eyes.
AvidLife AI - Designed to help manage chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs and cats.
AvidLife™ GI - Designed to manage acute and chronic gastro-intestinal disturbances in dogs and cats.

Each one of them helps manage chronic, long-term conditions in pets. I used the eye drop on Gringo’s eyes that starting to develop cataract. Unlike other eye drops, AvidLife OS didn’t cause any itching sensation on Gringo’s eyes. Coincidentally, our family vet was visiting us that day and I showed him the AvidLife OS formula. He immediately said that this product is good for pets with cataract. He also complemented the other two Avidlife supplements.

AvidLife for pets got my 5 PAWS.



Bach Rescue Medicine For Pets
If you are a naturalist, you may know about Bach rescue remedies. I have taken them so many times! Well, they now have one for pets and I reviewed a sample.

My cat, Crystal, is 12 years old and developed a horrible fear for Micio Meow, my other 2 year old cat. I placed 4 drops of the Bach rescue remedy in Crystal's water for some days and I noticed that her behavior changed. Yes, she is still a little neurotic, but she didn't mind Micio Meow's presence near her.

It worked! At least with this issue. I am glad that Bach developed something for pets, including cats, which we have to be careful about giving them natural stuff. Deepnding on the herb, it can harm or even kill your pet..

The 4 drops I placed on her water was tasteless. I know Crystal. She is the pickiest cat on this earth.

Bach Remedy for pets got my 5 PAWS.

Bach Rescue Remedy for pets


Dr Emmo's Pet First Aid Products

I received 3 samples of Dr Emmo's products. Wound Care Wash, Wound Care Spray Gel, and the Ear Care Rinse. I took two of the products to Brazil and I tried them on my mom's dogs and cats.

I used the spray gel on Uri's eczema. Uri is about 14 years old, and during summer time he suffers a lot. The gel seemed to protect his skin and it's painless. Uri didn't complain.

I also used Dr Emmo's ear care rinse on Caca, the Persian cat. He also felt better. Dr Emmo's products have good ingredients and they won't harm any pets.

Dr Emmo's products got my 5 PAWS.

Cool Blue Dog Apparel

Novipet Cat Hairball Aid

If you have cats, you know how hard it is to find a hair ball supplement that they like and not give them diarrhea.

I got a sample of NoviPet Hairball, which Juju, my cat found very tasty. It’s easy to use and my cat also liked the smell of it. It’s soft chew that helps prevent and eliminate hairballs.

Juju stopped her cough and I noticed she had more energy. It’s active ingredients are Petrolatum and Vitamin E. Each chew also has 34% of crude protein.

Novipet Hairball Aid got my 5 paws.


Dr Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment

I received samples of Dr Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment to review. Basically, Dr. Rose’s skin treatment is an herbal salve that promotes rapid and complete healing of skin ailments.
I used the spray and salve on my mom’s dogs. I started with Uri, who is 15 years old and he has a terrible dermatitis. We tried antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and they always gave Uri a partial relief. We applied the salve and spray for two weeks 3 times a day. The improvement of his skin has been fantastic.

Dr Rose's remedies got my 5 PAWS.

Dr Rose's Remedies

Pet Kelp - 70 minerals and vitamins in natural form for pets

I received some product samples from Pet Kelp to review including their powdered seaweed formulas and dog treats. Pet kelp powdered formulas contain over 70 nutrients, which are essential to dogs and cats diet. I mixed some with my cats' wet food. I could see some improvement in their coat texture and sheen.

I also gave a package of Pet Kelp Wellness Formula to Buster, a Boston Terrier, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He felt better and his coat is beautiful as well.

Then I got Barley, the Pincher, to try the treats. He loved the taste of the Cranberry, Blueberry Cove, and their Apple Splash flavors.

For all nutrients that Pet Kelp products have, I think it's a must to include them in our pet's diet.

Pet Kelp got my 5 PAWS.

Pet Kelp

Real Noni - The miracle Hawaiian fruit

Noni is an evergreen shrub or small tree that grows throughout the tropical regions like Hawaii. Noni has a history of use as a topical preparation for joint pain and skin conditions.

Today, people drink noni fruit juice as a general health tonic, as well as for cancer and chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Well, we now have a dedicated Noni pet line. I received some product samples from Hawaiian Organic Noni, the fruit lather and Noni Pet Lotion

Noni Fruit Leather for Pets can boost their immune system, relieving pain and inflammation, as well as restoring their organs to their normal state. It can help with everything from digestive problems and hormonal imbalances to cardiovascular trouble and nervous conditions. It also helps to kill parasites, such as those responsible for malaria.

Noni Pet Lotion relieves the stiffness and pain that older dogs feel in their joints and can be used as part of a pet massage or to treat any injuries your dog might have.

My friend used this lotion on his dog's wound and after 2 days the wound was healed. I am impressed with its ability to heal rashes, bruises, cuts, and sores. I even used it on my own legs when I bruised it, and it really worked. The Noni Pet line is a natural way to treat your pet and you can see results very fast.

Real Noni

StopBite - Solution for trational cone to protect pets

We take care of our pets as best as we can. When they have a surgery or are hurt, they leave the vet office with those hard plastic cones that are not ergonomic at all. It's a necessary evil to prevent pets from biting or licking their wounds or stiches. Pets with these cones have a hard time eating, sleeping and they get very irritated. I put myself in their shoes, and it's not fun.

At Superzoo, I met Nancy Winestock, the president of StopBite. She manufactures this collar that is a great alternative to the traditional cone.

StopBite brings comfort and dignity to pets while preventing them from biting or licking wounds, stitches, bandages, hot spots, and staples. StopBite helps pets heal more quickly by allowing topical medications to take effect, and keeps pets calmer and happier because it allows them to maintain their peripheral vision, and their ability to eat and sleep in their usual way.

StopBite collar quality is excellent. It's made from cotton, nylon, and polyethylene plastic, and is machine washable. It also has air holes for ventilation, night time reflectors, a hook for a leash, and a combination velcro and buckles with a safety harness to provide for extra security. StopBite has an excellent air ventilation system that will help prevent a pet from developing a bacterial infection, which often comes from excessive sweating.

I think every pet owner and veterinarians should change the traditional plastic cone to StopBite. I will buy one myself and keep it in the house in case my pets need it. They will suffer less and so will I.

Stop Bite

VetAid - The Healing Spray For Pets

While at Superzoo I met David Pankey who introduced me to Vet-Aid products. They had two products; the Sea Salt Wound Care spray and foam.

The Vet-Aid spray is a sterile sea salt and lysozyme formula that can be applied on wounds, and then wrapped under bandages or left open for wounds to heal. It can also be used on open draining wounds and on or around lesions in the mouth, nose, eyes and genital areas.

Vet Aid Foam is an intriguing formulation that also has a coral reef sea salt and lysozyme as a base. It contains a silicone ingredient that creates a protective coating over more mature wounds to help protect as it accelerates healing.

I had David spraying the Sea Salt Wound Care on my arms, and it doesn't contain any oils. It felt like salt and water. David also told me that both products have about 5 years shelf life.

Vet Aid


Cat Dancer - Cat toys to make cats dancing

I was at Superzoo last year and I stopped by Cat Dancer's booth. I got the Rainbow CatCharmer toy to review. At that time I didn't think much of it. Just a plastic stick with a cloth attached to it.

My cats just loved the CatCharmer! It's durable. They've been playing with it for almost 6 months and it's still intact. Cat Dancer, the toy company, claims that this toy can hold up to 30 lbs without breaking, which does!

I also like the fact that the string is not made of fathers and therefore it doesn't get my cats in a hunting mood.

CatCharmer from Cat Dancer got my 5 PAWS..

Cat Dancer

Innovation Pet Toys

I attended Superzoo in Las Vegas last July and these pet toys got my attention.
They are very creative, safe and they are  good quality toys.  There were the Yo-Yo Zibbies and Stretch Zoo for Pets that are unique plush toys with interactive features and launching system. They can shut up to 100 yards and also make sounds. There was also Floogles™, an animal call sounds that stimulate dogs to play.
For cats, there was the Kitty Connection, a modular unit which creates motion in both sides of the cat toy and you can customize it for your cat. It’s very creative!!

The name of the Company is Innovation Pet and there products are for sure innovative. They got my 5 paws.


Innovation Pet Toys

Katris - Cat Furniture

katrisWhat is Katris? Is it a cat scratcher? Is it cat furniture? It’s both!!

I received these modular cardboard shapes to review as cat furniture. We used our creativity and placed them together. It was extremely easy assembling experience.It took us about 3.5 minutes to assemble. Clips are provided to build and secure the blocks Each module is handcrafted by using 204 sheets of paper top grade B flute material.

The modules are very strong. I left them in mybackyard for about 2 weeks prior the review shooting and they maintained their shape. Katris is made with 100% recyclable materials and 90% post consumers recycle content for the paper we used. Each piece comes with 100% organic catnip as a gift. Needless to say that my cats loved it! When they saw Katris, they were curious and immediately started exploring.

If you have cats, you probably know how much they love cardboards and paper boxes. Katris got my 5 Paws!!



Yeowww Cat Nip Toys

I received some samples of Yeoww cat nip toys. Of course, I tried them on my cats.

The result? They went absolutely nuts with the toys. They loved it. I've tried other cat nip toys and dried herb before, but none of them made my cats react the way they did. The only cat nip they reacted to besides Yeowww is the real plant I buy at the garden store.

All their toys are well made, durable and cute. Even if a toy is broken, the cats can eat the herb inside. I ripped one of their toys to check its content. Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a member of the mint family of herbs and it's safe for cats and humans.

If you have cats, Yeowww cat nip toys are the answer for their entertainment and yours as well.

Yeowww cat nip got my 5 PAWS.




EarthBath - A super grooming line for pets

I reviewed Earthbath Green Tea Shampoo and Spritz, and the Green Tea Grooming Wipes. I took these products to Brazil and tested on my mom's cats and dogs. To my surprise, all pets loved it. Somehow, my mom's pets felt an instant relief. Of course, it was summer time in Sao Paulo, so these products made them feel good.

The green tea shampoo has nice leather, great scent, and washes off very easily. The dogs' coat felt soft and clean. The Spritz left Gringo's hair (the Lab dog) with a nice sheen and very soft.

The highlight of their products is the Green Tea Grooming Wipes. Uri, the oldest dog, has terrible skin eczema. Once he felt the wipes on his skin, the facial relief was absolutely visible! Plus, these wet wipes cleaned his coat as well. We also cleaned Caca, the Persian cat, who hates anything wet. He just loved being cleaned with this wipe.

EarthBath did a great job and it has my 5 PAWS.


Eco Dog Planet - An eco friendly waste bag - also for cats

I received some waste bag samples from Eco Dog Planet to review. Their waste bags are made from a tapioca derived film. Tapioca is a plant and the company claims that these bags start to decompose when exposed to micro-organisms in soil or landfill, and therefore, makes it eco-friendly.

I like the concept of helping the environment. These waste bags are tick and they feel different from the other bags. It feels more rubberized. I used the waste bags to get my dogs' waste and also to clean my cats' litter box. They worked perfectly. Eco Dog Planet waste bags got my 5 PAWS.

Eco Dog Planet

Epi-Pet - Skin products for pets

I received some product samples from Epi-Pet to review. Their products are to control pet odor, scratching and skin irritation.

I got their Pet Sunscreen, which I used on my mom's Lab, Gringo. His coat was soft and he didn't have any bad reaction from it. I also received their Skin Enrichment Spray (Cedar/Mint), Skin Enrichment Spray (Unscented) and Skin Enrichment Spray (Lavender). All three products do the same thing. They reduce itching, skin irritations and repel insects.

Since I tested Epi-Pet products on my mom's pets in Brazil, I noticed that mosquitoes didn't get near the dogs. Gringo, the Lab, had a skin irritation on his front right leg, and I could see the improvement on his leg with a continuous use of Epi-Pet Enrichment spray. The same happened to Uri, the oldest dog. I saw some improvement on his dried skin.

Both product lines, sunscreen and skin treatment have good ingredients.

Epi-Pet got my 5 PAWS.


Flush Puppies - Flushable waste bag- also for cats

I got some waste bags samples from Flush Puppies to review. They are made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) , a water soluble material, which means that we can flush it down the toilette.

Besides its great packaging, these waste bags are durable. I've been waiting for a long time to have some waste bags I could toss in the toilette. Why? I have three cats, and these bags are great to clean their feces in litter box. Many times, scooping the litter is not an answer for me. I always drop some litter on the floor.

These waste bags also worked well for grabbing my dogs' poopoo. Flush Puppies waste bags got my 5 PAWS.

Flush Puppies

Hoo Rag Bandanas

I received a bandana sample from Hoo Rag to try it on my pets. I went to their website to see how to wear it and I found that this rag can be worn in many ways. Then I tried it on my friend's dog, Barley. He didn?t mind it, and he really looked cute!

These bandanas are from a lightweight cotton-polyester blended micro-fiber. The fabric is "stretchy" so that it is truly a one size fits all product.

Because its light weight, I decided to try it on my cats, and for my surprise, they were fine wearing it. I really think the Hoo Rag team should develop a special bandana line for cats.

Hoo Rag got my 5 PAWS.

Hoo Rag Bandanas

Litter Spinner - Clean your Cat's litter in few seconds!
litter spinner

I saw this product when I attended Superzoo in Las Vegas last July. This cat litter box,  Litter Spinner is a new and unique cat litter box that solves the most annoying cat box problems while providing your cat with a clean, safe, comfortable, and private place.

The Litter Spinner is easy to use: simply fill the bottom of your litter spinner with 2 1/2" - 3" of your favorite clumping cat litter. When you want to clean your new Litter Spinner just spin one turn, your dirty cat litter is now clean. Cat waste is collected into an easy to empty drawer. No more scooping, no more costly replacement containers, no more handling of messy cat litter.
You can clean the box in seconds by simply rotating it. The Litter Spinner is made of durable and recycled polypropylene and comes with a 3-YEAR warranty against manufacturer defects. It’s totally manual, so no batteries needed.
The Litter Spinnercat litter box is manufactured in the USA and use the highest grade Polypropylene including recycled materials whenever possible.  The Company builds the Litter Spinner with a “thicker, heavier wall construction. The “tongue-in groove” design where the 2 drum-halves meet, includes a special hand inserted rubber gasket seal to insure no leaks. The box is molded-in for an easy to assemble and disassemble as often as needed. 

The Litter Spinner got my 5 paws!

Litter Spinner

Mr. Chewy - Online store pet

I did a Pet Product Review on Mr. Chewy pet food online store. They carry more than 70 popular and premium brands of pet food.

I checked how Mr Chewy website performed against some basic criteria such as look, content, branding, service tools, online interaction, e-commerce, and security. I recorded my computer screen so viewers can have the same experience I had when I was shopping at their website.

I really liked Mr. Chewy website. It got five paws rate! It's simple and I didn't waste any time trying to find a specific product. It was all there.

Watch the video to see my shopping experience at Mr Chewy online store .

my perfect pet

OdorXit Magic - Odor Eliminator

I received a sample of OdorXit Magic to reviews, which is a spray that eliminates odors.

I applied this product on cat litter boxes, floor, garbage and carpet. The odor disappeared for days.

The company claims that because OdorXit Magic absorbs and neutralizes the gasses we perceive as odors, it does not have to be applied directly to the source of the odor. It simply needs to be sprayed in the area where the gasses are being smelled. I applied it to the source of the smell.

I took a look at its formula, and it’s pretty safe for pets and humans. When I was spraying my mom’s carpet, Caca, the Persian cat, stayed on the carpet and he didn’t run like he usually does when he feels weird smells coming from spray bottles. His behavior told me that this product is safe for pets who usually react to smells very fast.


Petpeepee - The name says it all!

PetPeePee is a urine stain and odor remover that is made from Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea. It doesn't contain any chemicals, soaps, fragrances, or enzymes that can mask urine odor. The story behind PetPeePee is interesting.

This guy, Meir Martin, used to clean carpets in Florida asked his mother, who lives in Israel, to send some of that "white powder" that she used on urine odor (which gave decent results) when their dog made some accidents in the home. For years he experimented with this mysterious "white powder" which turned out to be regular minerals from the Dead Sea, and other natural minerals and substances to remove urine odor.

It took approximately 6 years to develop a product, mainly comprised of Dead Sea Minerals, that effectively worked on removing the odor permanently and more importantly, was odor-free and completely natural!

The PetPeePee facility is located in Pompano Beach, FL and is specifically designed for cleaning and removing dog and cat urine odor from oriental rugs, furniture, draperies and a variety of other items.

I tried the product and really liked it.

PetPeePee - Simple, Fast, and Reliable

If you are a busy person like me and have pets, you probably don’t have time to shop for your pet. You may research what is the best pet food, toys, supplements and if your pet likes your choice then you purchase your pet products online. This is what I do and I know I am not the only one.

I was asked to review Prime Pet Supply online store. They don’t carry thousands of brands but the ones they do are very good ones. My shopping was easy, simple and fast, and their prices are very competitive.

I am an engineer and I’ve been building my own websites from scratch, so I also checked how Prime Pet Supply website performed against some basic criteria such as look, content, branding, service tools, online interaction, e-commerce, and security. I recorded my computer screen so viewers can have the same experience I had when I was shopping at their website.

I really liked Prime Pet Supply online store. It got my five paws rate! It’s simple and I didn’t waste any time trying to find a specific product.

Watch the video to see my shopping experience at Prime Pet Supply online store and visit/


SafeMade - Cool idea to bake your pets meals.

When I do my pet product reviews I always use my engineering skills to do the quality control on the products I receive. Before utilizing real pets for my reviews, I check some quality requirements such as material, durability, shape, ingredients, reliability, and portability.

SafeMade Pet Products offers a full line of pet products including dog toys, cat toys, bowls, placemats and treat trays and is expanding into bird and small animal products. They are made of non-toxic, durable Silicone.

All SafeMade Pet Products are tested to ASTM Guidelines for children's toy safety which covers choking, sharp edges and other potential hazards. The company also tests to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) standards for lead and phthalates. It has also added its own tests that simulate the rigorous ways that dogs often play with their toys. In addition, all of its bowls pass FDA guidelines for food safe dishware.

One product that I liked was the treat tray shape that we bake or microwave tasty and healthy cookies with our pet's or freeze up cool treats for a hot day. They have the bone and paw shapes. Cooking pet treats is something fun that the family can do together.

All of SafeMade products have an excellent quality and are absolutely safe for our pets and they are priced right as well. SafeMade

Sturdi Products - Pet Carriers With Style

I met Dana Humphrey at Superzoo show who introduced me to Sturdi Products. They manufacture pet carriers, bags and accessories.

Sturdi Products has an excellent quality and they are soft and comfortable for pets. They had a cat and a dog at their booth enjoying themselves inside these carriers.

Sturdi carriers are the best alternative to take your pet travelling or on the road, and they are washable.

Sturdi Products also have "Show Shelters", which are designed for pet exhibitors, and they are big and comfortable for pets. The Shelters are available in single, double and triple compartment styles. This is a great alternative to the exhibitor cages.

Another great product they have is called The Pyramid, which offers your pet a safe and swinging place to literally "hang out". This hanging Pyramid is great for cats who like to be in elevated locations. They can run and jump inside it and even take a nap.

I liked their products and they get my 5 paws!

Sturdi Products>