SuperZoo is the most popular trade show in North America for the pet store industry, retailers, product suppliers and service providers. We attended Superzoo and talked to exhibitors to show you what is new in the pet market.



Superzoo 2016

Lucy Pet Foundation

At Las Vegas, we ran into the Lycy Pet Foundation mobile clinic. Their goal of is to have spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinics in every major city in the country. If you do the analysis in just one major city, the numbers are staggering.

With one mobile clinic, they can spay and neuter over 120 dogs and cats per week. Doing this 48 weeks of the year means 6,000 animals will be spayed and neutered. This will prevent those animals from adding a minimum of 15,000 new potentially homeless animals to pet overpopulation.

By year three it is estimated that we can prevent over 500,000 animals from suffering in that same community with just one mobile clinic. With their goal to have at least 40 spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinics, they can really make a significant dent in pet overpopulation. When the mobile clinics are not performing surgeries, they will work with local animal shelters to save dogs and cats whose time is up.

They will feature the animals in their mobile adoption portion of the truck at pet retail stores and events. Their goal is to find forever homes for as many homeless pets as possible. These people do a wonderful job, and to help them, we should support them by helping them to increase their visibility.

lucy Pet Foundation

Checkup Kit

CheckUp can detect the most common issues amongst domestic cats and dogs including High Glucose Levels, Kidney Failure, Urinary Tract Infection, and Blood in Urine. By using CheckUp, you can detect a health condition in time to prevent health deterioration and improve your cat's lifespan. You can also monitor your cat's health as required by a veterinarian.

This Kit tests the following:

  • High Glucose Levels
  • Kidney Failure (Protein)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (pH)
  • Blood in Urine
  • It can actually save you money by testing them and making sure that the results are normal. It's also a great way to monitor your elderly pets.

    Checkup kit

Murffin's Hallo

Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs ® is a custom designed product to guide blind/visually impaired dogs and safeguard them from bumping into walls and other objects. This twice patented device is a great aid to help them become familiar with existing or new surroundings, quickly.

Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs ® is lightweight, comfortable and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Its soft angel wings sit on the dog’s neck to protect their head and shoulder area, while the decorative halo is designed to protect them from bumping into walls and other objects. This device does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity and makes them look like a precious angel.

Murffin's Hallo


Patented Padded Slings with a Leash. This sling helps older or disabled dogs needing some assistance with their balance or mobility.

It's great for gently lifting dogs up and down stairs and assists dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, DM or degenerative myelopathy, or other debilitating conditions. It also assits to rehab dogs recovering from a knee, hip or back injury, or orthopedic surgery.

The leash may be attached to: (1) a collar for control of younger, more exuberant dogs recovering from surgery, (2) a chest harness for older dogs needing additional support, or (3) detached for machine washing or if your dog’s particular condition does not require the leash.


A Pet with Paws

A Pet with Paws is an innovative collection of stylish, sustainable pet carriers and accessories. Their commitment to pet travel is essential to our holistic approach of creating responsible, sophisticated products. They combine chic contemporary styles with safety minded designs to create beautiful products that’s a living pawprint of their core values.

Their products are made of recycled bottles. It doesn't use any animal made element. It's good for the planet!

A Pet with Paws

Superzoo 2015

Sorghum - The Future of Pet Food

Sorghum is naturally a non-GMO, gluten-free, ancient whole grain that contains beneficial nutrients such as niacin, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. The nutritional values found in sorghum overall are contributing to the increase in its use. A variety of researchers and nutritionists are taking notice of sorghum

With a slower digestibility of starch and a lower glycemic index, sorghum aids in the creation of premium products targeted toward obese, diabetic and geriatric pets.

Sorghum also provides a cost competitive and nutritious feed ingredient for pet food companies, who are using the grain for carbohydrate blends in dog and cat foods. Sorghum is now being utilized by eight pet food companies in more than 25 products such as Eukanuba, IAMS, Newman’s Own Organics, Pet Wants among other brands. With this in mind, consumers are encouraged to think about grain sorghum the next time they purchase pet food.



PetChatz - The New Away To Connect To Your Pet

Be with your pet from anywhere throughout your day by simply connect through your computer, tablet or smart phone. Then, chat with your pet.

PetChatz® gives your pet a joyful sensory experience. They see you, hear you, and feel your love with the tasty treats and soothing scents you provide. Simply mount your PetChatz unit over any electrical outlet in your home and screw securely into a wall stud. Log into on your computer – or download the PetChatz app on your smartphone or tablet.

A special ringtone tells your pet you’re calling. Say hello and share your smile through PetChatz’ color screen. Dispense snacks and scents. Record and share videos.

Pet Chatz


CannaVet - Hemp Supplement For Pets

CannaVet is a 100% organic hemp supplement made to improve the lives of pets and their families. Our unique blend of natural, non-GMO ingredients and Cannabis sativa strains, frequently referred to as hemp, are carefully designed to enhance the medical benefits of the Cannabis plant while negating the “euphoric" inducing” effects. Our combination of terpenes, flavonoids, B vitamins, and trace omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are found to help provide a natural holistic approach in support of your pet’s overall health and well being.

This Cannabis product was developed and manufactured by veterinarians. CannaVet is made with pharmaceutical and laboratory grade equipment and is in compliance with DEA and FDA cGMP recommendations.

Canna Vet


0Bug!Zone - Frequency Barrier Against Insects and Fleas

The technology behind 0Bug!Zone® creates a “frequency barrier” designed to protect people, pets and animals from insects.

According to research done, each insect is repelled by a specific frequency— which explains why some packages contain more than one tag. 0Bug!Zone encodes the frequency into a magnetic strip which is the same type of strip used on your credit or debit card, and no we cannot add 0Bug!Zone® to your Visa card.

The product works because the natural energy field created by an animal or person expands the specific frequency, which creates a barrier from insects.


Tuggo - A Indestructable Weighted Dog Ball

Tuggo is an indestructible weighted ball for dogs. A sturdy rope runs right through the middle. Knots at either end make it perfect for one dog or two. The leak-proof recessed screw plug lets you add as much water or sand to the ball as you like.

Exercise is essential to keep dogs happy and healthy. Both the sloshing sound and weight resistance hold a dog’s attention way longer than conventional toys. Tuggo comes in 2 sizes: 10″for dogs over 40 pounds and holds up to 18 pounds of water, and 7″for dogs up to 40 pounds and holds up to 6 pounds of water.



Motorola Scout 66 and Scout 5000

scout 66The Motorola Scout 66 is a remote Wi-Fi camera that turns any compatible internet enabled device into a fully functional video monitor so you can keep a close eye on your pet while you are away. It's motion triggered recording,infrared night vision, and two-way communication that allow you to monitor and communicate with your pet night and day-from wherever you are.

scout 5000The Scout 5000 is suitable for larger dogs, and its highlight feature is undoubtedly a 720p HD webcam built into the middle of the collar that lets you see what your dog sees. The Scout 5000 also streams your dog's location, lets you know if he is barking too much, and is splash-, chew-, and paw-proof.

Scout Series

Indigo - Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Without a Toothbrush

Floss Bones™ are delicious, long-lasting treats that clean teeth and freshen breath as your dog chews. Because they last longer, Floss Bones provide more cleaning and more chewing fun.

Give your dog a floss bone every day for healthier teeth and gums. Packed with delicious natural flavor, your dog will love this addition to his dental routine.


The Honest Kitchen - Human Grade Organic Pet Food

FDA approved and human grade, The Honest Kitchen pet food is produced in a human food facility and not a pet food plant. They never buy GMO or genetically engineered produce.

The Honest Kitchen requires certification to verify that every lot of raw ingredients they buy has been tested clear of salmonella, E-coli, listeria, lead, arsenic, mercury, melamine, yeast and mold & pesticide residues, before it’s even allowed inside their plant.

The Honest Kitchen

Pet Botanics - Dog Treats and Food for Trainers

The Pet Botanics Brand was created specifically for professional Dog Trainers. It has premium training reward treats, healthy treats for training re-enforcement and grain-free dry dog foods for easier digestion.

The treats natural formula contains added vitamins & minerals, omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and coat.

Pet Botanics

Pet Grass - Wheat Grass For Pets

Wheat grass provides great nutrition for your pets. It's high in protein, fiber to help support healthy digestion. Wheat grass is also one of the richest sources of chlorophyll on the planet!

Pet Grass is offered as live plants or packaged treats. My cats love their live grass.

Pet Greens

Dogs Love Kale - Health Treats For Dogs

"Dogs LOVE Kale", a new healthy, all natural, gluten/grain free treat. Kale is a super antioxidant that contains essential vitamins including: beta carotene, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and lutein.

Kale and Flax seed aids in making your dog's coat softer and shinier, with healthier skin underneath. Flaxseed also provides fiber in your dog's diet.


Dogs Love Kale

Skinny Bakes 10s - Dog Treats Under 10 Calories

At under 10 calories per treat, Skinny Bakes® 10’s pack a nutritious punch. Oatmeal, barley and rice bran are combined with wholefood fruits or vegetables. Skinny Bakes® 10’s are the perfect crunchy reward for medium-sized dogs. Available in 3 yummy recipes: Cherries & Berries, Peanut Butter & Banana, Pumpkin & Sweet Potato.

Skinny Bakes is from Zukes and can be found at most pet stores.

Skinny Bakes

Superzoo 2014

Bravo Pet Food

Bravo is a US manufacturer of high quality raw, dry roasted and freeze dried food products and treats for pets. No added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

They are launching a series of dried food. We just need to add water and it’s ready for your dog or cat.

Bravo Pet Food


Caru Pet Food - Good Quality and New Packaging Concept

Caru Pet Food was also at Superzoo. They have an interesting food packaging. All their stews come in cartons, 70% paper, instead of conventional cans. The owners say that this type of packaging protects freshness and taste without preservatives, BPA-free, and easy to open, serve, close, travel with and store.

They make every attempt to minimize the carbon output by using lightweight materials and thus minimize the amount of resources required for production and transportation. Their packaging philosophy is reduce, to reuse and recycle.

Caru pet foods are made in the United States with real meat or poultry as the first ingredient (no ingredients from China). No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and don’t contain any wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products. They only use meat and poultry that’s antibiotic and hormone* free. . All of their meat and poultry is USDA inspected.

Caru Pet Food


CritterZone Air Naturalizer

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer uses plasma ionic technology, which knocks microscopic materials out of the air, and hydroxyls, breaking down the chemicals that make up pet odors and other smells. It recreates natural air balances, much like the earth does during a thunderstorm. It eliminates odors, allergens, dust and bacteria. The unit gives indoor air the ability to clean itself.

After the initial clean-up, the Air Naturalizer maintains the energized elements throughout the 800-square-foot space. This means the air is ready to deal with new challenges immediately. That helps maintain a clean, fresh environment in your living space.

It has no filters and consumes only 3 watts of energy on the highest setting. For less than a penny a day it will run continuously to keep your air smelling fresh.



Dog Rocks - Say Good Bye To Burned Patches In Your Lawn

If you have a dog and a lawn full of burned patches, Dog Rocks® is for you. These rocks are mined in Australia and prevent yellow urine burn stains appearing on the lawn. They are laboratory tested and is safe for your pet(s).

Dog Rocks® filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out through urine, and when grass comes in contact with these elements it results in urine burn on grass, resulting in a dead, yellow patch on your lawn.

It’s very simple to use. You just have to remove the rocks from the bag and rinse. Then place no more than 2 liters (3.25 PT) of water in your dog’s water bowl. Add all the rinsed rocks to his water bowl. Replace the Dog Rocks every 2 months (diary sticker is included).


Fruitables - Special fruit treats

It’s unlike any pet food today. Because of its different aromas and taste, pets want to eat them all. Fruitables® truly smell different.

They are organic and rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, E, fruits and vegetables. These treats are also low calorie, only 68 calories per cup, which is great for indoor pets. Fruitables are made in USA and they have interesting flavors such as pumpkin, sweet potato, cranberries, papayas, blueberries, bananas, apples, etc….

They are baked in a certified organic facility and developed by Ph.D people such as John E. Bauer, Ph.D., D.V.M., Dipl. ACVN is Professor of Small Animal Clinical Sciences and holder of the Mark L. Morris Professorship of Clinical Nutrition in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.



iCPooch - Feed And Chat With Your Dog

iCPooch is any Internet device that enables dog owners to video chat with their dogs and delivers a dog cookie with your tablet or smartphone from anywhere. It connects to your home wireless network using a password protected site. There are no monthly fees and it’s easy to set it up.

iCPooch was invented by 14-year-old girl, Brooke Martin. Brook says that she was Inspired to create iCPooch to reduce the separation anxiety that her family dog Kayla suffered from, and from which an estimated 13 million other pets in the U.S. suffer when they are alone.

It sells for $150 and the tablet is not included. If you have to work and leave your dog alone for 8 hours, this product is for you.

iC Pooch

Madra Mór Canine Dry Skin Remedies

Madra Mór Canine Dry Skin Remedies Are Formulated to Cleanse, Protect, and Rejuvenate Your Canine Companion’s Skin & Coat.

Madra Mór Muds are formulated by a Natural and Organic Chemist with a back ground in Immunology. Humans have between 10-15 layers in the stratum corneum and a canine about 5. In addition to thin skin, a dog’s pH is more alkaline, making their skin not only delicate but susceptible to absorbing undesirables toxins.

Madra Mór Mud blends medicinal clay, rich in silica, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium It detoxifies the dog’s skin, removing dirt, oils and other toxins, through an ionic exchange, dead skin cells are replaced with nourishing minerals and soothing relief, boosting the pet’s ability to fight infections, dry skin, and other irritations that can lead to canine dermatitis.

Madra Mor

Sturdi Products - Pet Carriers With Style

I met Dana Humphrey at Superzoo show who introduced me to Sturdi Products. They manufacture pet carriers, bags and accessories.

Sturdi Products has an excellent quality and they are soft and comfortable for pets. They had a cat and a dog at their booth enjoying themselves inside these carriers.

Sturdi carriers are the best alternative to take your pet travelling or on the road, and they are washable.

Sturdi Products also have "Show Shelters", which are designed for pet exhibitors, and they are big and comfortable for pets. The Shelters are available in single, double and triple compartment styles. This is a great alternative to the exhibitor cages.

Another great product they have is called The Pyramid, which offers your pet a safe and swinging place to literally "hang out". This hanging Pyramid is great for cats who like to be in elevated locations. They can run and jump inside it and even take a nap.


Sturdi Products Sturdi Products>

Dog Show at Superzoo - The Stars

Dog Show