My name is Micio

Why do we do pet product reviews?

The pet industry is forecasted to be a 61 billion dollar industry this year. With thousands of new pet products, pet owners may get lost with so many options.

This huge pet market, and pet businesses also have to compete with giant, well-financed mass retailers in addition to the other independents and big-box pet retailers. This is a great opportunity for small and middle size businesses to expose their products and become a visible FORCE in 72.9 million U.S. pet owners’ households.

That's why The Pet Engineer decided to review pet products and provide pet owners with real life use.

Who is the Pet Engineer
Giana Rosetti is The Pet Engineer radio host and video producer. Her affection for pets made her follow her dream to broadcast information to others.

Her main goal is to increase awareness, respect, and strengthen the harmony between people and their pets.

Giana holds degrees in electrical engineering and bioengineering. Giana did validation (quality control) for pharmaceutical and biotech companies ensuring they are in compliance with FDA guidelines. She also studied, for many years, animal’s hearing frequency ranges and their behavior towards human language.

Which pets do we use for our product reviews?

The pets we use for our reviews are my own pets, my family or friends' pets.

All pets have their owners present and their approval to utilize their pets to do the reviews. I personally review the products first, to make sure that they are safe for pets.

Why do we only show 5 PAWS products?
Because once I publish a product review, this information became public, and I want the public to have accurate and trustful information.

I am the first one to reviews a pet product but I am not the last one.